So what will Apple be launching next week?

Shiny new iPads and iPhones? Yes! But what else does Apple have in store?

Apple wants to loop you in on March 21 at 5pm GMT. At that time, it will announce new and shiny things that your brain will immediately crave while your bank balance screams for mercy.

If the rumour mill’s correct, this event will mostly be Apple doing a handbrake turn on device sizes. Having churned out giant iPhones and iPad Pros of late, we’ll now see smaller versions of each. But that's not all we expect to see.

Here’s what we think will be unveiled… 

1) A tiny iPhone SE

Well, we say tiny, but all evidence (and we use the word ‘evidence’ extremely loosely) points to a new smallish iPhone to replace the now-ageing iPhone 5s.

Rumours have bounced around about the device’s name and specs, and the general consensus is we’ll get the mutant offspring of the 5s and 6s. Our hope here at Stuff is that Apple doesn’t just see the smaller iPhone as the ‘cheap’ iPhone (for a given value of ‘cheap’, which in Apple language is ‘not very’).

Many people want a smaller iPhone that won’t be hamstrung by a lack of features nor an arbitrary cut-off regarding storage. We’ll do cartwheels if we get the option of what’s essentially a 128GB 6s with a 4-inch screen.

Likelihood: 100%.

There’s going to be a new smaller iPhone. The question is whether Apple will hobble it to ‘urge’ more people to buy the 6s and its successor.

2) A new, smaller iPad Pro

Apple rather conspicuously didn’t upgrade the iPad Air line during its most recent iPad-oriented event. Cynics might point at the company wanting to put space between it and the iPad Pro. But rumours had suggested the Air would at least get a boost this spring; now, the thinking is we’ll instead see a smaller iPad Pro.

Depending on how much it will mug your wallet, a 9.7-inch iPad Pro could be a very good thing. The iPad Air 2 still tops Stuff’s tablet chart, and we love the form factor more than that of its bulkier cousin; we’d therefore be thrilled to see an Air-sized device with support for Pencil and Smart Keyboard, and with increased RAM, a more powerful processor, speakers that don’t suck and even a better camera.

Likelihood: 90%.

We think this one’s almost a dead cert. Something needs to happen to the 9.7-inch iPads. Making some of them ‘go pro’ seems like a smart move.