Smartphone supertest: Samsung Galaxy S6 vs HTC One M9 vs LG G4 vs Huawei P8

The Android army is mightier than it's ever been, but which phone is its standard-bearing champion?

This is the big one. The top names in the phone world have all announced their Android bets for 2015. If you have a contract to renew or RM2500 or so just burning a hole in your pocket, these are the names to consider.

It’s all-new for this year, too. We’re talking better cameras than you’ve ever seen from these phone-makers, upscale designs and even a bit of leather for those whose like things a little… different. There’s no staying still in this part of the tech world. Obsessed with iPhones? We’re leaving Apple’s wonder phone out of this fight. It’s all about the little green guy.

So does Huawei really have a hope of out-pacing Samsung this year? Has HTC done enough to stay top of the tree? We’ve spent weeks obsessing over these phones, so let’s find out.

Meet the contenders

1.   Samsung Galaxy S6

Plastic has been traded in for metal and more glass than a double glazing salesman’s garage. It’s the classiest Samsung phone to date. ​Read the review here

2.   HTC One M9 

Second verse same as the first: The M9 looks like last year’s One M8 but gives the camera and software an overhaul. Read the review here

3.   LG G4 

Leather or plastic? You have a choice this year, and the G4 has the best camera LG has ever come up with. Read the review here

4.   Huawei P8

The outside bet - slim as anything and with a slick aluminium body, Huawei has really upped its game for 2015. It costs less than the competition too. Read the review here


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