Smartphone CPR: What to do when your iPhone gets wet

Dropped your phone into the pool or the loo? Here's what you should do to resuscitate it

Everyone has probably accidentally drowned their smartphone at some point in their phone-owning history.

And if you haven’t, the day is in the future. It will happen unexpectedly. You could be taking a photo of the sunset at the beach, wandering deeper and deeper into the surf, until a random wave breaks and soaks your iPhone to the bone.

Or it could happen, like it always does, when you’ve had a little too much to drink and have to run to the loo. And oops, there it goes for a little swim until you gingerly fish it out.

Don't panic. Follow these steps to bring your precious iPhone back from the brink of death.

Retrieve your iPhone ASAP

Get it out of whatever body of water you’ve dropped it in immediately - pool, bathtub, toilet bowl. Every second counts. There’s no time for debating if you should use a tool, just plunge your hand in (whenever possible) and fish it out before the water seeps in and does irreversible damage.

Warning: Don’t even spend a second mulling over if it's worth getting your hands dirty. All hope isn’t lost. And your hands can be washed afterwards. You will get over your disgust, but what is harder to get over is the loss of your phone. The faster you get it out, the better the chances of recovery.

Still, don't dip your hand in if your iPhone drops into hot, frying oil. That's the end of it, nothing you do can save it.

Switch your iPhone off

If it hasn’t already blanked out on its own, turn it off immediately. Water and electronics just don’t mix (if you haven’t already realised). If the iPhone is switched on, water might short its circuits.

Warning: Don’t try and turn your iPhone on. We know you want to see if your phone still works, but that’s just a surefire way of killing it if it’s not already dead.