Smart money: the best gadgets under RM1000

Behold the brightest lights of bargain-ville...

Life's easy for stamp collectors - unless you're a Penny Red completist, your hobby will leave you more than enough money left over to eat and pay the broadband bill.

But gadget fans? It's an expensive business, even if you rigourously employ all of our brilliant bargain-hunting tips. That's why we've decided to shine our spotlight on the more affordable corners of the tech-sphere and compile a list of our favourite sub-RM1000 gadgets.

Because gadget brilliance and a suitable price tag were our only criteria, we've ended up with a quite delightful mix of impulse buys for everything from smarthome upgrades to stargazing, via VR gaming. 

So whether you're after a last-minute gift or a weekend treat, have a rummage through our box of bargain delights. Just don't buy them all at once.

Xiaomi Yeelight (RM240)

If you know someone who could politely be described as a heavy sleeper (and impolitely as The Bedbadger), get them this smart Bluetooth LED lamp.

Its sunrise-imitating Wake-up Mode will slowly begin brightening their room half an hour the alarm is due to go off, while the Night Mode's soft orange glow will help them get a better night's sleep. You can also turn it virtually any shade imaginable with the dedicated app. Not bad for something that costs less than a Philips Hue Bridge.    

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Further Enlightenment

Polaroid Snap (RM660)

Polaroids have swung back into fashion as some of us yearn for something more tangible from our snaps than a couple of social media 'likes'. What other camera can print your snaps right away, as well as saving them to SD?

The Snap uses thermal printing wizardry, which means there's no ink. Don't worry, you can still shake your shots so they develop quicker (we know it doesn't work, but we still like it). Snap a selfie with your beau to be, jot your number on the back and hand it over - 60% of the time it works every time.

Buy the Polaroid Snap

Celestron Travel Scope 70 Refractor Telescope (RM312)

The price tags for beginner telescopes (whether Newtonian or refractor) usually rocket up into the hundreds, but if you just fancy a 'scope to lob on the backseat of a bike and take out to the hills then this travel refractor model is a celestial bargain.  

An optical length of 400mm and 70mm aperture is enough to pick out some of eternity’s larger entities, and the 5x24 finder scope lets you narrow down the sky before you take your eye to the big guy (though it pays to do pre-trip research using the bundled software). Best of all, there's also enough room in the bundled rucksack for a late night picnic egg or two.

Buy the Celestron TravelScope 70 


AKG Y50 (RM700)

You could very easily drown in the number of on-ear headphones that are available for under RM1000. Fortunately, in Baywatch fashion, AKG is running down the beach to save us from chronic indecision with its Y50s.

These colourful cans are both balanced and insightful, providing an open sound that certainly doesn't mirror the price. The build quality follows suit; the cups are aluminium instead of plastic and the headband is steel, but at under 200g and foldable, AKG provide a pair of headphones that are both sturdy and portable. Just don't wear them into the water, they won't actually save you. 

Buy the AKG Y50s 

3Doodler Create (RM450)

We've long been fans of this 3D printing pen (probably more so than of 3D printers themselves) and this latest version has refined 3Doodler's mini glue gun even further.

There are now 65 different plastics to choose from, with matte, glossy, clear, metallic, glowing and sparkly finishes to give your models that extra bit of panache. Not that it's just for making plastic toys - we often use ours for making quick fixes to things like model toys. In fact, it's hard to think of a more versatile gadget that you can pick up for under a ton.  

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