Slide to unlock: 27 nifty tricks you never knew your iPhone could do

Do not disturb mode

Situation: The Do Not Disturb mode is a great way to allow you to focus by restricting the type of calls allowed to your phone. You can silence selected calls and notifications, and even only enable a call when it’s the second time the same number is calling. Great for light sleepers who don't want to be disturbed. But what if you forget to set it up?

Solution: You can choose to do it manually if you want a certain period of focus everyday. But if it’s a daily occurrence, remember to switch off Manual mode and tap on Scheduled to set your desired do-not-disturb time period, say 11pm to 7am when you sleep. It will kick in every night to keep your precious snooze time from being interrupted, and you don’t even have to set it up every night before you sleep. 

Shorter cuts for typing

Situation: Do you have your very own phrases that your mates understand but autocorrect clearly doesn't? Or are you just tired of having to always type your long email address, character by character, to people? There’s a shortcut for minimising typing action.

Solution: Create your own keyboard shortcuts by going to Settings, General, then Keyboard. Scroll to the bottom of the page to add a new shortcut that'll expand into the phrase of choice. Just make sure you remember what they are.