Sit back and choose your own Netflix adventure

How does it all work?

Don’t worry if you get lost. Puss speaks directly to you to provide instructions on what to do. Netflix worked closely with Dreamworks to integrate instructions and break the 4th wall throughout the show. Choices made seamlessly flow the story without any hitches, thumbs up here for Netflix.

Netflix also tweaked the scrub bar. Instead of fast forwarding and rewinding like a typical show, instead Netflix has come up with a chapter-based scrub bar that brings you back or forward to the different points you can make choices. It’s a cinch to head back to the previous choice options and see what the other decision leads to.

What we didn’t like however was the time limit between choices. I feel it would have been better to give us unlimited time to pick between each choice, instead of having the pressure of quickly picking one.

On the other hand, it was cool to see Puss plead us to revert to the other choice when we hit a bad end. Once you reach one of the major endings, Puss recommends trying one of two choices you didn’t pick - but it’s easier to keep track of your progress using the new scrub bar.

Netflix says the story creators made every choice feel equally weighted so everyone wouldn’t choose the same path - and rightfully so. It’s great to go back and forth to see what fate lies ahead for Puss. All in all, there are 13 choices and two endings, with the shortest path clocking 18 minutes, to the longest at about 39 minutes. 

Sounds interesting, is there more?

Next up is Buddy Thunderstruck’s latest adventure The Maybe Pile, where Buddy and partner Darnell gets you to help recommend potentially awesome (but mostly terrible) ideas from a bag of ideas that they’ve been saving called The Maybe Pile. This hits Netflix July 14. Another Interactive Storytelling movie starring Stretch Armstrong, the awesomely stretchy toy will be coming next year.

Looks like Netflix has really brought something new to the table - and hopefully Android users will be able to share in fun of it all soon. I’m looking forward to more adult-oriented Interactive Storytelling dramas starring Netflix originals like Stranger Things or House of Cards.