Should you upgrade from Xbox One to One S?

Torn over whether to swap your Xbox One for the shiny new One S? Let us help

So the new Microsoft Xbox One S is here, and the good news is… it’s great.

Actually, scrub that – it’s fantastic. Microsoft’s new games machine rights the wrongs of the original Xbox One in some style, while bringing 4K output to the party in a way that moves the console goalposts. As our Microsoft Xbox One S review makes clear, it’s currently the best console you can buy and Sony’s PlayStation Neo will have to go some to beat it when it arrives later this year.

All of which makes deciding whether to upgrade a simple matter, then. Well no. Because while it’s undoubtedly better than the Xbox One, it’s also going to cost you another £349 (~RM1,887). So is that a price worth paying? Here’s what we think. 

Xbox One S - should you upgrade? Design

Let’s start with an easy one: looks-wise the Xbox One S is Scarlett Johansson to the Xbox One’s Piers Morgan. The biggest change is that it no longer has an ugly, unnecessary lump hooked up to it. No, we’re not talking about Piers Morgan, but rather the power brick that most consoles did away with in 2006.

Even without taking that into account it’s a prettier device: it’s 40% smaller and has more subtle stylings than the first Xbox One. Plus, it’ll happily sit next to your TV vertically, with the help of a free stand.

So, if you’re one of those shallow, image-obsessed types who values form over function, upgrading from the Xbox One to the Xbox One S is a no-brainer. And yes, that describes me to a tee.

Should you upgrade to the Xbox One S based on Design: YEAH 

Xbox One S - should you upgrade? Controller

Nobody’s going to upgrade their console based on just a new controller - well, unless somebody releases one with the awesome Sega Mega Drive controller, and then I’m in. But still, it could help sway your purchasing decision if it’s particularly good. So, is it particularly good? Well sort of.

It’s basically the same as the Xbox One controller but with a greater wireless range, added Bluetooth connection for easily hooking up to PCs, and some dimples. Said dimples cover the controller’s back and supposedly give you greater grip - in our test we didn’t notice much benefit to them.

In short, it’s a teeny bit better than the last one. No, you’re not going to upgrade for it, especially since you can buy a standalone model for an existing Xbox One for a RM270 outlay. Oh, and it still lacks wireless charging. Move along please.

Should you upgrade to the Xbox One S based on the new controller: NAH