Selfie-taking vending machines and a view to die for; Line’s Tokyo office has it all

Who doesn’t love Line?

We’ve taken a tour of their amazing South Korean office and also the first Line Friends store there, and this time we were given a look around their office located just a few minutes away from the famous Shibuya crossing.

Enough talking, let’s get to the virtual walking.

No Line office would be complete without a liberal scattering of Line Friends everywhere. 

From the moment you step into the office, you'll be surrounded by them in the form of plushies behind the information desk, life-sized replicas, to a screen playing all the latest Line Friends activities, just to remind you how big a part in the Line business Brown, Cony, Sally, and Moon (to state a few) play.

And everyone's favourite place, the cafeteria. 

We hear that employees get free breakfast, and lunch at discounted prices. There's also a blood pressure measuring machine to check up on your health and a Lego table for when creativity strikes mid-meal. 

But wait, what's that in the corner? 

You didn't think there wouldn't be the missing presence of a Line Friend or two, did you? 

There are life-sized statues of Cony, Brown, and Moon watching you as you eat. But what's more amazing is the view from the cafeteria located on the 27th floor. 

Yeap, that's the famous Shibuya crossing in all its unobstructed glory. 

That's not the end though. The cafeteria also has a nap corner, for when you slip into a food coma. 

But would you be able to sleep when you have this view in front of you?

That patch of green is Yoyogi Park. It really should be hanami (cherry blossom viewing season) when we were there, but the flowers are a little late to bloom this time. 

Tucked in another corner of the cafeteria is another gem. A vending machine that will take a free selfie of you when you buy a drink and send it to you via the Line app. 

It's not the only one of its kind though. We hear that there are about a hundred of these friendly photographing machines scattered around Japan. And it being located in the Line office makes it a bit of fun team-bonding if you're having a good hair day. 

Aside from all those fun things, there's also a serious side. 

There's a Line Care desk where the person on duty handles requests from refilling name cards to being able to tell you the person you should be talking to for a certain request. You can also reach him via the Line app. 

As it's a big global business, a teleconference room is of course essential for communicating with teams worldwide. There's also an observation room where focus groups are held and their eye movements and behaviour are tracked in reaction to new Line features and games. So yes, there is a science behind your addiction to the Line: Disney Tsum Tsum game.

The Line branding is on point everywhere you look. From the hidden 'Line' in the carpet to the bottles of water. When they were restocked, each bottle was also turned to face outwards uniformly.

There's clearly something to be said about the Japanese attention to detail. 

The office will be moving to Shibuya sometime next year, and we can't wait to see what the new one will look like. Of course, not everyone gets to tour the Line office, but there's always another Line-obsessed destination open to the public - the Line Friends store. Head over to the next page.