Self-making beds and touchscreen toilets: furniture that does the hard work for you

SWASH Express Clothes Cleaner (US$400 / RM1700)

What if your closet washed, dried, and ironed your clothes for you? Well sadly, that isn’t in this list, but this clothes cleaner comes close. This gadget dewrinkles, deodorises, and almost dry-cleans your clothes for you in a mere 10 minutes.

Making use of an integrated heating system and a de-oudorising formula that is pumped into the machine to freshen and straighten any outfit you need whenever you want when you need it. We can forget about doing laundry on weekends, just stick your outfit of the day in while you brush your teeth.

King Cloud II (TBD)

The couch is the centrepiece of any lazy man’s home, and if you can’t get things done with your bum glued to your seat, then you’ve got the wrong couch. Thanks to a team of Australian designers after our own hearts, the King Cloud II has almost anything a tech junkie could ask from a couch.

Its inbuilt Sonos Play:1 speakers provides 5.1 surround sound, there are several pockets built with tablets and phone sizes in mind, and the star of the show is the “TouchGlide Technology”, which makes use of gestures made upon metal touch points to move and recline your seat. No more fidgeting or straining to get a seat down — just swipe your feet up and relax.

According to King, there is also a swivel table coming that provides Qi wireless charging that will connect directly to the couch, though there are already enough ports within the couch to add extra subwoofers, add a media centre tablet, and possibly charge your phone.

LG Signature Refrigerator (TBD)

Because it took too much effort to open a fridge yourself anyway. LG’s Signature Refrigerator comes a long way from just adding a water dispenser to the fridge and calling it a day.

LG’s patented Door-inDoor technology helps midnight snackers activate the lights within the fridge with a knock, while the self-opening fridge actually activates the fridge doors through a sensor by your feet. The sensor is also supposed to be able to discern between your feet and a hungry pooch, so Fido doesn’t get his way in your meat drawers.

The product was just released at this year’s CES, so it may be a while before we get to foot our way into a snacking session.

iRobot Braava 380t (US$700 / RM3000)

Ignoring the horrible use of iSomething, iRobot has revolutionised cleaning for the lazy with the Roomba.

With its autonomous vacuuming abilities and viral videos with cats dressed like sharks, it's made a name for itself. iRobot has since created several models, each with incrementally better sensors and suction abilities, but the latest in the family is the Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot, which obviously mops your floor the way a basic Roomba model vacuums.

Making use of disposable or reusable microfiber cleaning cloths, it mops over surfaces while drawing moisture from a Pro-Clean Reservoir Pad. You can even preset it to begin cleaning at any time of day, allowing it to do your dirty work for you. Genius. 

Kohler Numi (US$6340 / RM26,500)

Toilet seat up or down? That’s the age old question that leaves men berated and women with their bums stuck in cold uncovered toilet bowls. The Kohler Numi makes sure that no one needs to fight anymore.

This porcelain throne comes with a touch-screen remote where you can preset your preferred settings, including toilet seats up or down, front or rear bidets, butt dryers, heating, music, light, and the kind of flush you want. Each person has a different preference when it comes to their business, and Numi does a great job in customising how your parts are treated.

As for the toilet seat problem, don’t worry about it. You can set Numi to have the toilet seat down as default.