Self-making beds and touchscreen toilets: furniture that does the hard work for you

Too lazy to move? We've got you covered

Behind every lazy person is an ingenious invention to do all the work for them. From wheels to cars to autocorrect, each new step in innovation brings us closer and closer to a future of comfort and ease. The ingenious futuristic vision that is Pixar’s Wall-E just proves it.

And nothing quite gets a lazy soul as a home that does everything you need for you. If the idea of self-cleaning bathroom or a robot butler serving you breakfast in bed makes your heart sing, then here are 15 types of smart furniture that you need in your life now. 

OHEA Self-Making Bed (TBD)

Imagine this — you get out of bed, and while you’re struggling to open your eyes as you brush your teeth, your bed is making itself. 

OHEA’s self-making bed has an intricate mechanical setup hiding below and around your mattress. Once the pressure-sensitive mechanism realises that no one is in the bed, the device will automatically begin operation. Mechanical arms with rollers at each side of the bed will emerge, and pull the duvet up to the head of the bed. Pillows are also straightened by a pulley system connected to the pillowcases, and then elevated by hidden panels to tuck your sheets underneath. 

It's magic.

IKEA Wireless Charging Pad (from £30 / RM180)

Nothing sucks more than leaving the house and realising that you only have 20% batt left. Sure, you could have charged that phone before you left, but who has time to remember to bring your phone to your charger plugged into a wall anyway? Cables are so 2006 anyway.

We already know the solution to this — wireless charging furniture. IKEA is one of the many creators who are working hard to make wireless charging a reality, integrating Qi charging ports straight into the IKEA furniture we know and love (aka put up with because it's cheap).

With prices like £30 for a single charging pad to £85 for a floor lamp with a charging pad, the only question we have at this point is when can we get them?!

Hi-Can (£45,600 / RM275,000)

First there were beds, then there were beds with a TV in front of it. Then, some geniuses decided to connect a game console, with a controller constantly within reach. Apparently that wasn’t enough, because someone decided to invent this — a bed with an integrated entertainment system.

When we say Integrated Entertainment Systems, we don’t mean the tiny TVs we see next to bathtubs in fancy hotels. No, this bed comes with a built-in PC, full multimedia complement with game and entertainment console, all of which can be viewed on a home theatre screen upon which a projector will shine HD movie quality upon.

Not to mention, a surround sound system built within the frame, fully enclosing blinds to fully block out light and people (because sometimes you need complete privacy when watching movies, right?), and mattress height and angle adjustment systems. It’s like a hotel bed mixed with a first class plane seat and that Jurassic Park console we see in old school arcades, except you get to surf 9gag non-stop.

ReST (from US$5000 / RM20,900)

For every lazy person, the heart of the home is the bed. Now imagine a bed that is not only comfortable, but is able to adjust to your wants and needs. ReST (Responsive Surface Technology) is a “smart bed” that incorporates technology into your mattress, tracking your sleep data to help you sleep better.

The bed does this through its pressure sensitive smart fabric, which reads pressure points throughout your entire body to collect data about your sleeping positions and routines. If it detects that you are experiencing discomfort, its built-in air pump will adjust the bed’s pressure through five different comfort zones to literally adjust your sleeping position for you as you sleep. 

What more can a lazy person ask for?

Amazon Echo (US$180 / RM750)

The ultimate tool for any lazy person is a digital personal assistant, someone who can get stuff done for you if you ask it. The problem with digital personal assistants is that they’re very tricky to master, and we often end up swearing explicits at them instead of getting stuff done.

Amazon Echo is the home gadget for every lazy bum who wants a personal Jeeves in their life. Just by yelling for Alexa, it’s able to play all music, answer questions, read audiobooks, provide weather reports, news, sports scores, and even control lights and switches when used with other smart home devices such as WeMo and Samsung SmartThings.

The Amazon team says that they’re adding more features as they go, so hopefully we’ll be able to get some pizza delivery or make phone calls in the future.