How to identify the hidden stats needed for truly powerful Pokémon in Pokémon Go

CP isn't everything in Pokémon Go, IVs are the secret to power

It's hard to catch two Pokémon from the same species that are alike. Even if you have two Dragonite with 1500 Combat Power (CP), they may have different HP, for example. Why is that?  

In Pokémon Go, a Pokémon’s CP is made up of three stats – Attack, Defence, and HP. Each of these values is augmented with hidden stats called Individual Values (IV), randomised when the Pokémon is caught or hatched from an egg, and cannot be changed. Each IV ranges from zero to 15, and this is why it is very difficult to find two Pokémon that are alike.

For example, a Dragonite with a hidden IV stats would have a base stat of 250, 212 and 182 (Attack, Defence, and Stamina) respectively. But with maximum 15 IV in all three stats, the perfect Dragonite would be 265, 227 and 197 (Attack, Defence, and Stamina) respectively. It’s roughly a 5-10% increase, but that makes all the difference in battle.

So now you know that the perfect Pokémon needs maximum hidden IV in all three stats, and that’s the Pokémon you need to spend all your Stardust and Candy on. But how do you calculate your Pokémon’s IV? There are two ways:

Ask your Team Leader to appraise your Pokémon

Niantic’s recent Pokémon Go update added a new Appraisal feature. It’s more than just a fun way to make your Team Leaders say rude words, however. This is a basic system where your Team Leaders vaguely gauge your Pokémon’s hidden IV. Just pick a Pokémon, tap the circle button on the bottom right of your screen and select Appraise.

Use the table below to ‘translate’ what your Team Leader is actually saying: