Saudi Arabians changing tyres on a moving car teach us nothing is impossible

Why even bother wasting time jacking a car up?
Saudi Arabians changing tires on a moving car teach us nothing is impossible

We all know Saudi Arabia as a country brimming with oil, but did you know that its people are just as resourceful?

When it comes to changing tyres on their car, they’ve decided to forgo the carjack and also what everyone would think of as the mandatory prerequisite - a completely still car.

Instead, they’ve thrown all the rules out the window, reinventing tyre-changing as you know it by having the car do a ski (balancing on two wheels), and changing not just one, but two, of the tyres while they’re at it.

Too difficult to imagine? You’ll have a renewed faith in the impossible after watching the video.

If this doesn’t do it for you, watch M.I.A’s Bad Girls to fully appreciate Saudi Arabian car tricks.