Samsung's new SUHD TVs reveal 3 important things about the future of TVs

Samsung brings new meaning to visual pleasure

TVs are just TVs, aren’t they? Not at CES.

Samsung has just announced their 2016 line-up of telly superstars and boy, do they look good. 

HDR is the new 4K

While 4K refers to resolution and detail, HDR gives you better contrast ratios and even more colour, which means you might be able to see 50 shades of grey, literally.

The new 2016 SUHD TVs will offer an output of at least 1000 nit to give viewers better contrast between the light and dark sides for colours that will pop right off your screen and provide more immersive, life-like TV marathon sessions. Trust us, binge-watching will never be more addictive than this. 

The skinny on TVs

See that nice big TV? Notice that the image stretches all the way to its sides? That’s the KS9500 SUHD TV - the first ever bezel-less curved TV. These factors combined together make for a cinematic experience that you don't have to make a trip to the neighbourhood theatre for. 

Aside from bezels disappearing, soon you’ll wonder where your TV is when you look at it from the side. Just like smartphones, they’re going to get real thin. However, unlike the KS9500 SUHD TV, the TV here is just proof of concept.

TVs aren't just TVs anymore

The TV is going to be the command centre of your house and you the commander thanks to SmartThings. We saw examples of how you can switch to CinemaMood when you're about to get into the movie-watching zone and it will dim your connected lights for you, or if someone is at the door, you can identify who the person is from your TV via your connected security camera and then decide if that person is worth getting up for. 

Aside from these super convenient connected features, you'll be able to access your PlayStation Now account to stream and download games without a console. Perfect for gaming at your friend's place so long as he has a new Samsung Smart TV.