Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Flagship phablets battle it out, but only one can take the crown

As much flak as Samsung has taken for copying Apple over the years, the iPhone's move into phablet territory came well after the Galaxy Note established the space.

And Apple hasn't necessarily made the perfect case for its super-sized iPhone 6s Plus. It has a larger, sharper screen than the iPhone 6s and slightly better battery life, but it also feels larger than it needs to be and doesn't really have any other major big-phone bonus perks.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note 7 is an ideal pairing of phablet productivity smarts with the brilliant design philosophy that Samsung's been sporting of late. Now that we've had plenty of time with the Note 7 and posted our review, here's our take on how the two handsets match up.

Design: Fancy vs fanciest?

The iPhone 6s Plus is a slim and sleek phone, and thankfully a bit thicker and sturdier than the iPhone 6 Plus, which introduced the world to "Bendgate." However, some extra bezel on the sides means that Apple's biggest phone feels a little larger in the hand than it maybe should, and that can make holding it feel clumsy.

And while the iPhone 6s Plus' ultra-minimal design is quietly attractive, it lacks the Galaxy Note 7's wow factor. It's not just the curved display but also the matching curved glass on the back. It's big and beautiful, but it also feels comfortable in the hand. The Note 7 wins this one all around.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Display: 2K or 1080p?

As is usually the case when a new Samsung phone goes against the competition, it's no real battle in this category: the Galaxy Note 7's 5.7in AMOLED display is a 2K stunner, delivering vivid colours, deep blacks, and staggering crispness to everything you view. Every top-end Samsung screen since the Galaxy S6 has been an absolute winner, and nothing's really changed here.

The iPhone 6s Plus has the best screen you'll find on an iPhone: it's a 5.5in 1080p LCD with natural-looking colours and great contrast, but put the two side by side and the Galaxy Note 7 just pops. Then again, Samsung's screens even beat rival Android phones' 2K/Quad HD options, so it's not that fair of a fight. And it has those sweet, sweet curves.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 7