The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the best phone in the world - here's why

Esat Dedezade thinks Sammy’s latest phablet will command and conquer

After months (and months) of leaks, Samsung has finally, officially revealed the shiny new Galaxy Note 7. There’s a hands-on review of it right here, but perhaps you’ve already read that.

But maybe you want to read even more about it. That’s okay, it’s a pretty exciting phone. I understand.

If you’re not convinced - maybe you’re a diehard Apple fan with a tattoo of Steve Jobs on your back - then that’s fine, each to their own.

But I’m going to outline why I think it’ll be the best smartphone in the world, regardless:

It’s basically a Galaxy S7 Edge

Yep, you read that right. In many ways, the Galaxy Note 7 is essentially the Galaxy S7 Edge’s spirit animal. Spirit phone? Spirit… anyway, they share plenty of things in common. Very good things, in fact.

For starters, the Galaxy Note 7 is now waterproof - a feature you’ll never know you wanted until one evening your loving cat Admiral Fluffington decides to gently bat it into the kitchen sink.

The point is, accidents happen. Rain, in Malaysia definitely happens, and there’s no point having an amazing superphone if it drowns and dies in your arms.

There aren’t many other waterproof flagships (let alone phablets) which can match the Note 7, so its hydrophobic tendencies definitely make it stand out from the pack.

It's got a great camera

The Note 7 also packs in the same imaging smarts as its Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge cousins, which is good new for photography fans.

That’s because this particular 12MP rear camera has already proven itself in Samsung’s existing smartphone champions, producing sharp, detailed shots with super-fast focus speeds.

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge also capture impressive shots in dim conditions too, thanks to the wonders of Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS), which stabilises the lens, allowing a longer shutter speed (and therefore capturing more light), without resulting in any blur.

If the Note 7’s identical camera matches what we’ve come to expect, then that’s another string to add to the Note 7’s already impressive bow.