The S Pen is mightier than the finger: 5 apps to make the most of your Samsung stylus

MyScript Stylus Beta (RMfree)

Prefer writing to typing? Avoid calluses on your thumbs by letting the S Pen and this app take over your heavy duty texting and emailing habits.

Although this app is still in baby beta stage, the features it promises are rather convenient, especially when used with a stylus. Simply write over a character to correct it, erase characters by cancelling it out just like you would in real life and write in cursive; the app recognises it all.

Point of the S Pen: Writing can feel more comfortable than typing, especially when tactile typing isn’t available on a touchscreen. Supporting up to eleven languages from English to Chinese, you won’t have to take as much time squiggling Chinese characters anymore.

Download MyScript Stylus here