Rising Stars: The Top Five Games At Korea’s Biggest Game Expo

Stuff.TV showcases the highlights of G-Star 2013 and takes an educated guess on its overseas future
Rising Stars: The Top Five Games At Korea’s Biggest Game Expo

The crux of any video game convention isn’t just its spectacles and presentations, though that is a part of it that will not be going away anytime soon. It’s still about the games on display, and boy, does G-Star 2013 have a lot of them up for display.

We’ve got big-time players like Nexon, GungHo and Daum going against each other and against outsiders like Blizzard, Valve, and Capcom. After all that’s said and done, what were the gaming highlights of this year’s Korean answer to E3? Here is Stuff.TV’s picks for the best of show that are developed locally, complete with predictions on whether it’ll make Stateside or on European shores.

Kingdom Under Fire II (PC, PS4, PS3)

Kingdom Under Fire II

The Skinny: Old-school fans of the real-time strategy and action game hybrid series Kingdom Under Fire can rejoice, as developer Blueside will finally release an official sequel. Kingdom Under Fire II will be more action-RPG and online-oriented than its counterparts, but will also retain most of its real-strategy aspects where players act as commanders to a small-but-effective army.

Players get to choose between three different classes: the ranged-focused Gunslinger, the magic-offensive Spellsword, and long-reaching heavy-hitting Berserker. The campaign mode allows players to group up with their mini-armies to tackle an ongoing war filled with big ogres and even bigger monstrosities like a giant scorpion or dragon demon things. There will be a 100 versus 100 Invasion mode for those itching for player vs. player instead, though it will not be ready until the developer is done pushing out the closed beta for the regular campaign.

With easy mechanics and controls to jump into, real-time strategy elements in commanding troops to help in a crowd control situation, and lovely visuals that display the act of a large-scale fantasy war in glorious detail, the game shows promise in catering the carnal instincts of a core gamer.

Localization Fate: Yes, this will be out in English next year. In fact, the CEO of developer Blueside said that the game will be first in Southeast Asia. Bizarrely, Korea will be getting the game after Southeast Asia has had a fistful of fiery kingdom action. The PC and PS3 version will be out in 2014, with a PS4 version releasing after its cousins.