Ridiculously hilarious Game of Thrones spoofs

Winter is coming. So before things get all dark and depressing, lighten up with these videos

We scoured the internet for all media that undermined the seriousness of Westeros, because all that gore and violence isn't good for the soul.

Get caught up in GoT fever before season 6 of the series returns to our screens on HBO, Monday 25 April. Or you know, when you’re feeling bad about someone else’s death (it's bound to happen), watch any of these videos to feel much better.

You’re welcome.

How It Should Have Ended

While this animated snippet is a little short and backdated (it's from season 1), it’s always delightful to see Joffrey get what he deserves. Totally. Worth. It.

Best bit: Animated Sansa’s finishing move. Did we just spoil it for you? Sorry.

Honest Trailer

Finally, someone calls the fantasy series out for what it really is. Good old Honest Trailer gives us an unabashed look at what we’re truly taking in episode after episode - the fact we can’t remember anybody else outside of the ten main characters, dragons, gore, and boobs. So hardcore.

Best bit: “It’s the abusive show you keep watching no matter how many times it hurts you” and “Watch as these heroes struggle to end the reign of King Justin Bieber”. Truer words have never been spoken.

Shame of Tones

This is an entire album of classic chart-toppers redone Game of Thrones style. Featuring hits like Arya Gonna Make Them Pay and Total Eclipse of House Stark, this is the musical summary of all that’s been going on in the show. To get an idea of Tyrion’s pain, put on Lannista’s Paradise because there’s no other rap epic befitting his hard knock life. Listen to the entire album here.

Best bit: “As I walk into Winterfell from Lannisport, I take a look at my legs and realize they're very short.”