The restaurants where your food gets served with a side of tech

Would you like a dash of digital flakes to go with your lamb chops, sir?

Dining out is an experience in itself, but if you can tech it to the next level, why not?

These are the restaurants that have created the perfect fusion of technology and food to tech-kle your tastebuds. Okay, we'll stop now.

4food, New York

Fast food gets faster and healthier at 4food. Craving a burger? Bypass the Golden Arches and head straight to this place instead. How it works is that you customise your burger on its website, name your creation, send your order off, and pick it up at the store.

There’s a social element to eating at 4food too. You get to broadcast your order to social networks. This is the part where it’s unlike you sharing your latest Runkeeper achievement - instead of burning calories, 4food has a leaderboard of calorie-adding burger creations.

And, if someone else orders your burger creation, you get 25 cents credit in-store and a foot up on the leaderboard. So you could be eating for free if enough people order your customised burger. Score!

Ultraviolet, Shanghai

Ultraviolet calls itself a multi-sensorial restaurant. What it means is that it enhances each of the dishes of its 20-course menu with different technological elements to appeal to your psycho taste (your sensorial associations with the food). Your veal shank might be paired with a side of music and fragrance or your soup could come with moving images projected onto the walls. In any case, you won’t be falling asleep in your soup anytime soon in this restaurant specially designed to showcase your meal.

You have to book way in advance as dining at this 10-seater restaurant is coveted by many. And it doesn’t come cheap too as prices start from RMB3000 (RM1730). Plus, you can only make reservations online.