The Red Army: LeTV's Le Max and 9 other revolutionary Chinese smartphones

Who says the Chinese are just copycats?

Smartphone makers, it’s time to innovate or be left in the wake of the Chinese smartphone junk (the ship, not another word for crap) torpedoing through.

Companies like Xiaomi and Oppo have put China on the map with their innovative approach to smartphone creation, unlike the others - we shan’t name names - content with churning out replicas with a minimal bump in specs year after year.

Here are ten phones that will pull the rug out from under those resting on their laurels. Embrace the revolution.

Gionee Marathon M5

If battery life has always been your biggest beef with smartphones, you’ll be glad for the the Marathon M5’s existence. This stamina star comes with not just one but two batteries, each with 3010mAh of juice. Essentially, it’s built to last, especially when it’s in beast, we mean, extreme power-saving mode. Imagine this: 5 per cent of battery will give it up to 62 hours of standby time. Perfect for when you get stranded on an island or something.

The 720p display, 2GB RAM, and 1.3GHz quad-core processor might be middling, but the fact that the phone doubles up as a power bank makes it a winner in our books. How? The phone has dual charging chips for it to charge fast, and also to charge two other devices at the same time. You can justify its US$370 (RM1415) price tag now, can’t you?

OnePlus 2

Fresh from its VR launch, the ambitiously nicknamed 2016 flagship killer (2016, not 2015, mind you) is a testament that we are all paying too much for top specs. At US$389 (RM1490) for the 64GB version, the OnePlus 2 also comes prepped to take on the future with a fingerprint reader, USB-C port, and a convenient reversible USB connector.

Watch out, smartphone space, the first shots have been fired. You’ve got serious competition.

LeTV Le Max

The 6.3in Le Max has some of the thinnest bezels in the world, barely there at 0.8mm. It’s also beat out the rest of the smartphone giants to be the first smartphone in the world to pack the USB-C port. A 2K display, 4GB of RAM, and an almost unheard of 21MP rear camera round up its killer specs.

Expecting to pay a limb for this? Not quite. The 32GB version starts from CNY2999 (RM1850) and the 128GB tops out at just CNY3699 (RM2280). Quite a bargain if you consider its superior AKG-tuned audio as well.