7) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (2011)

How do you follow up two of the most beloved and acclaimed shooters of all time? Well, you make another one – and that's what happened with Modern Warfare 3. Truly, MW3 lacked the seismic impact of its predecessors, but as a game, it's hard to find much fault here.

The campaign has lots of big set pieces and exciting moments, and it's streamlined and intense – and more consistent than MW2. Multiplayer, meanwhile, was frenzied and fun, even if MW2 had the better maps. It's iterative more than innovative, but it's still a slick Call of Duty thrill ride.

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6) Call of Duty (2003)

You might have missed the original Call of Duty, as it was initially a PC exclusive and wasn't yet a world-conquering franchise, but Infinity Ward's debut laid the foundation for the series' later brilliance.

Granted, it'll seem rough around the edges now, but Call of Duty offered a strong campaign that shifted between heroes from different allied forces, and delivered sharp online shootouts. It played a lot like Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, admittedly, due to sharing a lot of the same developers, but the unique gameplay flourishes here helped build a legend.