PROMOTED: 5 Hi-Res Audio devices that will blow your mind

These Hi-Res Audio playback gems from Sony will max-out your listening pleasure

We've already shown you the Hi-Res Audio headphones you need. Now experience music the way the artist intended with Sony’s High-Resolution Audio playback devices*, starting with the sleek and portable Walkman NWZ-A10 Series that proves the best things come in small packages.

* Certain models and colours featured here may not be available in some countries, please check with local Sony stores and dealers for availability. 

2. Sony NWZ-ZX1 Walkman

Sony NWZ-ZX1 Walkman

The NWZ-ZX1  packs everything the NWZ-A10 Series has and more. With 128GB of internal storage, a 4in LCD, and Android 4.1 with Google Play support, Sony bills it as the ultimate portable Hi-Res Audio experience, and it’s got the performance to back it up too.

Find out more about the NWZ-ZX1 here

3. Sony SRS-X9 
Wireless Speaker

Sony SRS-X9 
Wireless Speaker

This wireless 5-Star wonder delivers powerful Hi-Res Audio with both precision and distinction, thanks to its excellent 7-unit speaker system. In fact, each speaker comes with its own dedicated digital amplifier for unparalleled performance.

Find out more about the SRS-X9 here

4. Sony UDA-1 
USB DAC Amplifier

Sony UDA-1 
USB DAC Amplifier

Connect your Hi-Res music device to the UDA-1 via USB, plug in your headphones or speakers, and experience Hi-Res Audio at your convenience. It’ll even upscale compressed formats from your regular music library to near-CD quality with its DSEE engine. For best results, use it with something as powerful as the Sony SS-HA3 speakers you see here.

Find out more about the UDA-1 here

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