Photos that put the fantastic in the Olympus PEN-F

A day out in the hot sun yielded these amazing images

Years after Olympus' first PEN camera made its debut, shutterbugs have been asking for an update. And they finally got it in the form of the PEN-F.

It stays true to the classic retro look of the rangefinder series, with a dash of upgrades in its smart capabilities. The Micro Four Thirds camera has a lot going for it, with a 20MP Live MOS sensor that could even go as high as 50MP by combining eight shots together.

But as the saying goes, seeing is believing. And right after you've seen these test shots from a pre-production unit of the PEN-F, you'll have to agree this PEN is mighty fine.

As if the colour reproduction isn't good enough, you can ramp it up with the various filters in the camera.

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