A peek inside Google Singapore’s incredible new office

The office envy is real

While spending a couple of hours at Google’s new Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore on a Thursday afternoon, we had to ask ourselves — are we in an office or Club Med?

We’ve all heard about Google’s legendary offices around the world. And between tales of unlimited gourmet food on the job to full-sized sleeping pods, it’s little wonder that Google consistently tops Fortune’s “Best Companies to Work For” list.

We checked out the company’s new digs recently to see if it lived up to the hype, and just like their employees, we didn’t want to leave.

A celebration of Asia

As a reflection of their commitment to Asia, many of the spaces at Google Singapore are named after landmarks from our neck of the woods. This ethos carries through to the décor, with each meeting room uniquely designed to fit the theme of the location or country.

At the lift lobbies, you’ll find a sitemap that pays homage to Singapore’s MRT, or Chinese porcelain teacups lining the walls of a workspace — it shows remarkable attention to detail, something which the tech company is known for.

Keeping it green

It takes two seconds to realise that Google Singapore is nothing like a regular office, and about two minutes to question whether you’re even standing indoors. That’s because you’re surrounded by greenery from the moment you step inside.

The entire office is anchored in the design of a rainforest, and you’ll spot these green elements almost everywhere. According to Google, having a green environment has a calming and productive effect on staff — and given that we know all about feeling trapped in an office cubicle devoid of sunlight, we’re inclined to agree.