Opinion: Xbox One X and PS4 Pro: Are mid-gen consoles a problem?

Power to the players

But who doesn’t want more options to suit the tastes and technology we already have? You’ve just bought a sleek new 4K OLED TV, you wouldn’t want to deal with a 1080p output of a PS4 for the rest of the decade before the next-gen consoles release.

What Microsoft and Sony are doing is recognising the rapid growth of technology since the release of their first current-gen models and doing what they can to satisfy the needs of gamers in the meantime. There are now even more options to choose from, from high-end 4K-churning consoles, to their original cousins. Most crucially, these aren’t rendered obsolete. 

Backwards compatibility ensured

Microsoft and Sony are taking steps to ensure that all games are compatible across all current-gen platforms, so as far as the Xbox One and PS4 era lives and breathes, no gamers should be ostracised from the games released. You’re not going to feel estranged from the crowd like Xenoblade Chronicles 3D fans were when their game was incompatible with the original 3DS. None of that here.

This is telling of Sony and Microsoft’s intentions – to create a console purely to widen the scope of what’s available, not necessary upheave it. So flip the coin; for once, gamers have the option of having better graphics rather than have to put up with what the original consoles can churn out for most of the decade. For gaming community as a whole, that’s a clear win.

It may even delay next-gen consoles from arriving sooner than welcome, now that developers have better technology to work with, yet are still demanded to ensure compatibility with the original consoles.