Opinion: Why everyone is right (and wrong) about Iron Fist

The good news is that you'll probably enjoy Iron Fist. The bad news is that the critics were still right

Days before Netflix's Iron First came out, critics got a preview of the show - six episodes' worth - and the critics were not impressed.

Flawed but watchable

The key thing here about Iron Fist is that your level of enjoyment will depend on expectations. If you're not expecting something groundbreaking and are happy enough with something that plays with the tried tropes of white man saviour with hot Asian girlfriend beats everyone at martial arts - then you'll do fine with Iron Fist.

A lot of comic fans had no problem with the TV series, saying it was fairly entertaining and the critics were 'wrong'.

Sorry, comic fans but the critics were right. The script is derivative and unoriginal, the fights and choreography are nowhere as good as any of the other Marvel TV shows and it suffers from issues with pacing and plotholes aplenty.

But that's the thing about comic book adaptations, right? Comics don't make sense anyhow so on the level of comic book writing - then the Iron Fist is probably on the level of the less stellar Iron Fist editions.

What of the supposed whitewashing? There's two ways of looking at it. While comicbook fans say the 'original' Danny Rand was white, there never was just one Iron Fist. Iron Fist was the name taken on by a long line of heroes, of different backgrounds and ethnicities. Marvel/Netflix just chose to go with a white Iron Fist which is not a wrong choice but in a world already full of white male superheroes, it was slightly disappointing. And let's be honest: Finn Jones just does not have the martial arts chops which is painfully obvious, unless your standard of martial arts fighting is David Carradine as Kwai Chang Caine and not Hong Kong-style Donnie Yen/Sammo Hung/Jackie Chan.

If you were one of the people disappointed by the third rate fight choreography, the good news is that the second season of Into the Badlands, which stars Daniel Wu - who really can fight convincingly has already started and as far as entertainment value goes, it might just be the best antidote to Iron Fist.

You loved Iron Fist? You'll get more of him soon as the Defenders TV series has just wrapped shooting so look out for that next on Netflix.