Opinion: Old-school Star Wars fans, it's time to let go

Why the petition to cut the film from canon by angry fans is self-serving and pointless

A petition to remove Star Wars: The Last Jedi from the official Star Wars canon has reached over 300000 signatures. I hope it fails.

Because if it succeeds, we are doomed to films that will be nothing but carbon copies of the original ones.

The thing is, the original Star Wars films aren't ever going to go away. They are the canon, the holy texts from which everything is derived. From those texts, other works sprung as can be evidenced by the Extended Universe, which is now not canon.

There are many fans who are upset by the Extended Universe no longer being co-opted by Disney, instead keeping it in the realm of 'legends'. But the EU existing or not existing takes nothing away from the original works.

While the original films mean a lot to many people, the newer films were made for these times, for a different audience. The accusation that Luke Skywalker didn't get his dues in the latest film is really a matter of opinion. Like my opinion that quite a lot of the EU is rubbish. The animated series is pretty great, but the books? Some veer on the side of plain ridiculous.

It's a new age, a new world and the Star Wars films need to reflect this newness instead of relying on old tropes. Treating the original canon with too much reverence will lead to films that aren't so much films but fanservice. Are the events in The Last Jedi plausible? Yes. Is the film flawed? Sure. Should upset fans be allowed to be upset? Of course. But what they shouldn't get is the right to dictate what films should be canon. We have another film to look forward to and hopefully even more to come - and they're going to be difficult to make if fans try to hold Disney hostage to old boundaries.