Opinion: The iPhone X isn't for everyone and that's OK

It's still 2017's hottest phone whether you love or loathe it

If you care for your wallet (or your sanity), the general rule is to be wary of the first version of Apple's anything. But that's something early adopters already know. For them, forking out a princely sum on a relatively untested device is more about the thrill of being first. Whether that first is flawed is beside the point.

You know what you're in for

The first iPhone, the first iPod, the first MacBook Air, the first iPad were all great in concept but imperfect in execution. History, after all, tells us that hardly is the first iteration of anything the best.

The iPhone X boasts plenty of firsts for Apple: the long-awaited switch to a different form factor and the abandonment of the Home button, for starters. There's also that new Super Retina screen that Apple claims is the best display on a phone ever (and it very well could be). It's just a pity most apps haven't been optimised to take advantage of what that gorgeous display can do, and put side-by-side with, say, Samsung's Galaxy Note 8, it's lovely but hardly amazing.

As one of the first users who's spent a week with the phone, I can say I don't miss the Home button. I've gotten used to the gestures. I've been only too happy to show people how selfie Portrait Lighting as well as animojis work, and was animoji karaoke-ing before it went viral (there's video proof, I swear).

But would I tell people to buy it? I had someone ask me precisely that on Twitter. As someone who's owned the 4, SE and 6 as well as reviewed the 7 and 8, I'd say the iPhone X's successor would probably be a lot more satisfying than the X, when it arrives. Because by then, maybe the notch will be gone or downsized and more apps will have taken advantage of the new edge-to-edge iPhone screen.

Is it the best iPhone experience right now? I'd say yes. But the app experience has to catch up and by the next WWDC, it's possible that the ecosystem will finally have adapted to make using the X the experience it should be.

Give me more animojis, populate the iTunes Store with a lot more 4K content and let's see displays really stretch to the edge instead of being bordered by black bars around the screen.

If you're sceptical about the X, no one will blame you. Right now, it's still a first-iteration device that holds a lot of promise for an even better, far more satisfying iPhone...next year. You just won't be handling a first by then.