Opinion: I miss the days when you looked like your selfie

Not everyone wants to look fairer/skinnier/like an elf in their selfies

This trend towards selfie phones bothers me to be honest. I almost miss the days when front cameras were so terrible that if you wanted to selfie you would just turn the rear camera on yourself and cross fingers the photo would turn out fine.

The trend in front-facing cameras to have a huge amount of megapixels, with other bells and whistles such as dedicated flashes is good in theory. But the hardware can't make up for the software which makes too many assumptions about what a user wants.

Sure, East Asian selfie preferences veer towards an ideal 'V-shape' where the face is streamlined, skin smoothened and usually a few shades (or more) fairer. 

What if you like your tan? If you quite like your chubby cheeks? Or you would rather your selfies look like a more appropriate approximation of yourself? I think the 'beautification' settings on too many Android phones go a wee bit too far and really shouldn't be turned on by default.

Samsung takes an interesting tack with its selfies - there's less of the streamlining of faces and skin tone is rendered vibrant and not so much unusually fairer.

Still I found the newly vibrant tones of my skin a bit unnerving. Any yellower I'm sure that if I sent my photos to my GP he'd suggest I had my blood tested for jaundice. Maybe I'm iOS-biased but when I leave the house I like taking a selfie with the iPhone because I know at the very least my iPhone selfies aren't going to lie about how I look. 

Maybe in future Android phones would include more prompts. Perhaps there'd be software questions, asking your preference as to how you'd like your selfie to look and more presets beyond filters.

In the meantime I'll still take selfies with Android phones for fun. Because even if I know the photos some Android phones take of me are versions of me with a lot of plastic surgery and/or makeup, it's still fun...and a great way to scare small children.