Only a true Samsung fan will recognise these 16 innovations

2016: Samsung Gear IconX

Are those a pair of earphones? A fitness tracker? A music player? Well, the fact that it’s all three makes it deserving of a spot on this list. These cord-free earphones power up when you place them in your ears, and have 4GB of internal memory that can store up to 1,000 tracks.

It can also track your speed, distance and duration, as well as your heart rate and calories burnt as you hit the road or gym. That fact that you don’t have to bring your phone along when you work out, and yet can still be plugged into technology, is definitive of what wearable tech should be.

Verdict: great to have, especially since smartphones are starting to do away with the 3.5mm jack.

2016: Samsung Gear 360

Because still images just don’t cut it anymore, and we’d like to have some control over video, 360-degree photos have become the latest obsession. Resembling a Portal sentry that’s put on some weight, the Gear 360’s two 15MP cameras combine their images to form a full 360-degree 30MP photo, and can also record immersive 360-degree videos. It also comes with a removable battery and microSD slot for extra storage so that you can share interactive photos with everyone from your mum to your postman.

Verdict: while other companies have 360 cameras too, Samsung’s one is just so darned cute.

2016: Samsung SOL Bag

You see those black hexagons on the surface of the bag? They’re not just fun designs; they’re honest-to-goodness solar panels, meant to suck in the energy of the sun and fully charge your Galaxy phone in about four hours. While not yet available for purchase, the company plans to have the nifty bag retailing by this year. Imagine the possibilities of endless battery life on your phone – until the sun sets, that is.

Verdict: why wasn’t this bag invented sooner?

Bonus: the future Samsung smart home

It’s already 2016, and the McFly’s smart home is still nowhere in sight. Or is it? This concept smart home by Samsung, which even scans and recommends how you cook your food, shows that it’s not impossible for your house to turn against — we mean, work for you.

Verdict: Samsung, if you’re reading this, get cracking, we’d like to live in one. If the price is right.