Only a true Samsung fan will recognise these 16 innovations

2013: Samsung Galaxy Gear

Dick Tracy, Samsung has your watch. Wait, what do you mean it’s way ahead of your time? The Samsung Galaxy Gear does exactly what your watch does. It takes calls, snaps pictures and plays music. Oh right, taking photos and listening to music isn’t exactly your thing since you’re too busy foiling The Big Boy’s nefarious plans.

Verdict: similar to the Galaxy Camera, we’re still torn on this, but we’ll give it a borderline passing mark.

2013: Samsung Youm

Curved TVs? Been there, done that when Samsung had one hell of a showcase at CES 2013. The show stealer, however, was Youm, an OLED display that can bend it like Beckham. It was a glimpse into what future displays could do. In 2014, concept became reality when Samsung launched a TV that transforms from a flat panel into a curved displayWearable tech that bends and fits on your wrist? We already have that - think Samsung Gear S.

Verdict: it’s still early days, but we say this will be life-changing for wearable tech.

2013: Samsung Evolution Kit

Someone in Samsung must have done this before - convincing the missus that it’s time to spend a few thousand dollars to upgrade a TV that was bought last year, only to end up sleeping on the couch. Behold, the Samsung Evolution Kit - a black box that gives your last generation smart TV a brain upgrade, adding next-generation specs to an outdated smart TV.

Verdict: if only we can upgrade our brain like Samsung TVs.

2014: Samsung VR

When it comes to experiences, Samsung has the concept down pat and the South Korean company moves pretty fast to adopt the latest trends. And in 2014, it was virtual reality. However, it's easy to jump on the VR bandwagon. What made Samsung stand out, is the fact that the Samsung Gear VR isn't just a VR headset - it's part of an ecosystem that allows smartphones to be integrated with virtual reality.

Verdict: in 10 years, we'll all be jacked into the Matrix, courtesy of Samsung. Sans the apocalyptic world and machines, hopefully.