Only a true Samsung fan will recognise these 16 innovations

2010: Samsung Galaxy Beam

Why bother to watch a movie on the phone’s pathetic 3.7in display, when you can project it onto a wall and view it on an insanely huge, albeit grainy, 50in screen? Problem is, where are you going to find a wall suitable for the pico projector to shine on? Good effort, Samsung, but it wasn't enough.

Verdict: stick to your TVs.

2011: Samsung Galaxy Note

Hey Samsung, we owe you an apology. We didn’t believe in your vision of a smartphone and tablet hybrid. We ridiculed phablets and thought the first Galaxy Note was a monstrosity and had an identity crisis. We were wrong. The Galaxy Note series changed our lives. It gave us unbelievably great display for video, speedy performance and most importantly, it wasn’t too big in our hands. We can’t say the same for the Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

Verdict: the phablet was born because of it. Surely, that says a lot about its importance.

2012: Samsung Galaxy Camera

Ironically, while Samsung’s smartphone business was turning a huge profit, its camera category was suffering, forcing it to re-think its approach towards digital imaging. Enter the Galaxy Camera. Yes. It can post Instagram photos. You can send images to other devices via Wi-Fi. No, you can’t make or receive calls with it. Even if you can, don't. You'll just look plain ridiculous doing it.

Verdict: we’re not sure if you’ll need an Android-powered camera. Don’t we have smartphones for that?

2013: Samsung Giga Sound System

Can we all just take a moment to soak in the magnificence of the Giga speakers? Measuring 23in x 33.2in x 19.2in, these monstrous speakers were the cornerstone of every successful house party ever. 15in woofers made your neighbours feel the bass, while 2,500 watts of sound made sure there was never room for awkward conversation. You could hook them up to you smartphone via Bluetooth or fool around with the DJ fader controls and adjust the EQ, all while they continued glowing luridly to the beat.

Verdict: they’d straight turn you into a block party legend, but probably not worth the eardrum damage in the long run.