Only a true Samsung fan will recognise these 16 innovations

Give yourself a high-five if you have at least one of these gadgets from Sammy

If you’ve held any of these Samsung devices over the past decade, you're well on the way to winning an award we just made up: Sammy's biggest fanboy/fangirl!

With the fabled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 just around the corner, now's as good a time as any to revisit some of the iconic Samsung devices that made a difference in your gadget life.

Additional text by Janine Lee

2006: Samsung D840

Back in the day, if you had one of these slider phones, you were pretty much the coolest person anyone knew. People were getting bored of clamshells and it wasn’t okay for a phone to just lay flat without doing anything (yeah, it was the mid 2000’s, we were all going through a phase).

Enter the D840. It didn’t matter that it had a 2-megapixel camera, or that the phone had an MP3 player or 80MB of memory; all that mattered was the swish it made as you slid that bad boy open to nonchalantly reply an SMS.

Verdict: technically mediocre but stylistically superior. All the coolness points.

2008: Samsung Omnia I

Owned a Windows Mobile phone before? Welcome to the exclusive club of geeks who once hailed the first Samsung Omnia as the ultimate Windows Mobile device. In retrospect, smartphone choices were severely limited six years ago. But it was the best we had, allowing you to have your personal digital diary, media player and all sorts of new-fangled tech that were squeezed into one tiny device.

Verdict: it redefined Windows Mobile. Not for long though, just until iOS and Android showed up and decimated Microsoft's mobile operating system.

2008: Samsung Pixon 8

8 megapixels? Pfft, that’s nothing in today’s context. But back then, the Pixon 8 was the pinnacle of smartphone imaging, squeezing camera features into this tiny mobile device. Did we mention that Samsung inserted an 8MP sensor to make the Samsung Pixon a serious shooter? Now? We have 41 megapixels. The same rule applies – the numbers do not matter if you can’t shoot for nuts.

Verdict: don't knock it, it made smartphone photography what it is today.

2010: Samsung Bada OS

Bada bing, bada boom. Realising that it’s getting too reliant on Google Android, Samsung attempted to break free with its own mobile operating system. Bada, meaning sea or ocean in Korean, was first introduced on the Samsung Wave. It tried to lure developers to release more apps on an untested and unheard of mobile operating system. Three years later, Bada folded into another operating system, Tizen. Never heard of it? Well, you should, especially since it’ll power the new Samsung Galaxy Gears.

Verdict: it tried, but failed to lord it over iOS and Android.

2010: Samsung Galaxy S

Now into its seventh year, the Samsung Galaxy S series has delivered millions of Android smartphones to the war front for smartphone supremacy. But it is their poster boy's run-in with Apple's ubiquitous iPhone in 2010 that will be remembered for kickstarting Apple's never-ending flurry of patent lawsuits and Samsung's equally memorable collection of snarky commercials. The original Galaxy S is the definitive smartphone that contributed plenty to Android’s growing popularity and sparked off its never-ending battle against iOS.

Verdict: life-changing is an understatement when you consider how many Galaxy S phones have been sold.