Only the Japanese can come up with these 6 weird arcade games

This is just the tip of the iceberg amongst all the other weird Japanese stuff

There is a weird corner of YouTube where the videos don’t make sense, instead making for an inexplicably uncomfortable viewing.

By our estimate, 90 per cent of those videos are Japanese in origin (based on um… research). So it isn’t surprising that this oddball and tech savvy nation is responsible for some of the strangest arcade games that ever existed. We often forget that Japanese society is, by its own admission, ultra-conservative (Ultraman a right-winger? Say it ain’t so!).

Perhaps it's in this relatively repressive, rigidly hierarchical pressure cooker existence that the mad creativity of Japanese media bursts forth through the cracks. From their extreme game shows to cartoons, the world (by which we largely mean the internet) is in thrall to all things nippon and kawaii.

This, of course, is greatly due to the successful exportation of Japanese culture, blanketing the globe with impossibly busty saucer-eyed anime characters and (frustratingly less of) automatic bidets, amongst the other oddities that would be completely normal in Japan.

But some items of Japanese ingenuity have not quite broken international borders - and it is not hard to see why. The following arcade games, for instance.