OnePlus 3T vs Samsung Galaxy S7

Is the boosted OnePlus still the better option here?

The OnePlus 3 is no longer the company's latest and greatest phone, even if it is still pretty new and extremely awesome.

Due out next week, the OnePlus 3T offers a small advancement over the original version, packing in a little more power, a slightly larger battery, some camera tweaks, and a new colour option. All told, they're minor changes, but the old comparisons may not hold true anymore.

For example, we have the OnePlus 3 atop our listing of the best smartphones in the world, but a big part of that powerful ranking has to do with value – whereas our #2 phone, the Samsung Galaxy S7, tops it in certain respects but costs a lot more. Now that the OnePlus 3T is coming with a higher price tag, will it also be a better overall pick than the Galaxy S7?

Let's take a look at the spec-based showdown, shall we?

Design: Same showing

When we pit the original OnePlus 3 against the Galaxy S7, we determined the design battle to be a draw. Some of us in the office prefer the less distinctive, yet smooth and attractive metal backing of the OnePlus 3, while others like the beautiful, yet smudge-friendly glass rear of the Galaxy S7. Both are great.

And really, there's no change here: the OnePlus 3T has the exact same design as the OnePlus 3, ableit now with a darker Gunmetal grey option to supplement the Soft Gold choice. This one's purely up to preference, and collectively, we can't come to enough of a consensus to advise you towards one direction or the other. Go with your gut.

Winner: Draw

Screen: Galaxy of pixels

Perhaps the most obvious way in which the Galaxy S7 asserts itself as the more premium handset in this matchup is with its screen. The 5.1in Quad HD OLED screen packs in a heap of pixels within its 2560 x 1440 (557 pixels per inch) panel, and it looks absolutely stunning. It's just spectacular, really.

By comparison, the slightly larger 5.5in 1080p OLED screen of the OnePlus 3T takes a small hit in clarity, with a 1920 x 1080 (401 pixels per inch) display. At that size, the difference isn't massive, but it's enough to say plainly that the Galaxy S7 has the better screen. You'll pay more for that benefit, however.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S7

Camera: Serious shootout?

Between the release of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus and the Google Pixel, the battle for the best smartphone camera today has become a lot more complicated of late. But at least we know this: when it comes to the Galaxy S7 and original OnePlus 3, Samsung has the better shooter by a smidge.

The Galaxy S7 has a remarkable phone camera, with the 12-megapixel sensor delivering brilliant contrast and depth, with a lot of options for hardcore photographers to tweak. We found the OnePlus 3's photos to look a little overly processed by comparison, yet thought the 16-megapixel camera was totally nice for a RM1888 handset.

At £400 (RM2190), the OnePlus 3T's camera really is about the same. OnePlus has added a couple small perks, such as improved electronic image stabilisation and sapphire glass on the back camera, and doubled the front-facing camera to 16 megapixels as well.

All told, the experience is about the same, and the differences here are slight. Is the Galaxy S7's camera so much better that we'd pay a couple hundred extra for it alone? Probably not. But we've been just a bit more wowed by Samsung's camera overall.

And you've backed up that opinion, dear readers: with thousands of votes tallied, you picked the Galaxy S7 as the #1 smartphone camera this summer, while the OnePlus 3 ranked #2. But with mere points separating the two in the rankings, it really isn't a massive difference. And again, that's essentially the same back camera at the OnePlus 3T now.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S7