No Man's Sky: How 2014's most ambitious game creates a complete working universe in your console

The sky's the limit

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

With no tutorial and different starting points for each player, no two players will have the same experience playing No Man's Sky. As you explore you can share information about what you find by adding it to the galaxy map, although if you stumble upon a utopia you might want to keep it all to yourself. “I love that in the early days of Minecraft nobody knew how to craft things, that was a really bold move,” says Murray. “I don’t think we’d have the guts to do that but we do want to create a real community around the game, with people telling each other about stuff outside of it.”

Understandably Murray and his team don’t want to reveal everything about No Man’s Sky. After all, what’s the point in a game of exploration if there’s nothing new to discover? What we do know is that it’s a game that only seemed possible to the team after the announcement of the Xbox One and PS4, although they don’t yet know which platforms it’ll be available on.

“A lot of indie games haven’t really pushed consoles to their limits but extra horsepower makes a huge difference for us. It changes how the world looks and how the AI works; it’s more than just small graphical details,” Murray says, before revealing that the trailer was recorded half on a PC and half on a next-gen console, although he couldn’t be convinced to specify which one.

Prepare for lift-off

No Man's Sky

We also don’t know exactly how the upgrade system will work and while Murray says there’s no traditional multiplayer lobby, you will interact with other human players within the game: “Think about Journey or Dark Souls. I never felt like anyone was impacting on my game in any major way but I knew I wasn’t alone in there and that made it a lot more enjoyable.” There’s also no due date, although the team has been unwittingly steered towards a 2014 release, mainly because the game’s been included in so many ‘most anticipated games of 2014’ lists.

But these holes in our knowledge don’t matter. Much like our universe we might not know absolutely everything about No Man’s Sky, but to us that feels like a mission accomplished.

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