Never underestimate the butterfly effect of Apple

Elissa Loi thinks that once again, Apple proves that it’s not about doing it first, but doing it better

The iPhone wasn’t the first smartphone, but it’s the smartphone that catapulted other smartphones into the spotlight. The iPad wasn’t the first tablet in the market, but it made the world care about tablets.

While the announcements might have sounded insubstantial and we heard Tim Cook tell us how thrilled he is one too many times, it took a while for the significance of the announcements to sink in. And now that the dust has settled, let us take a look at how the industry will react and evolve accordingly.

Haters gonna hate

When you’re Apple, every little thing you do isn’t necessarily magic, but it is amplified. Thus with the Adobe demonstration on stage, people took to the web talking about feminism and how Apple insists on making women smile. Hey, I’m female and I think anyone whoever’s offended by that is taking themselves way too seriously. Seriously. 

And that’s not the only thing that people were nitpicking at. Apple Pencil was obviously ripped a new one for being unoriginal, a site of Jony Ive pronouncing “aluminium” was created, and people even made fun of Apple for choosing OneRepublic as the closing act.

Which leaves you to wonder, did Apple do anything right at all?

Read the fine print

Speaking of little things, details matter to Apple and that’s what sets them apart. They think of things that you thought you didn't need. I’m not talking about their ability to sell anything, I’m talking about their near OCD level of attention to detail.

It all began with Steve Jobs' fanatical attention to detail. He famously said that his adopted father taught him that whatever he makes should be beautiful inside out, and that’s the kind of quality and finesse that you get with Apple products.

It’s in the subtle ways that weren’t even mentioned in the keynote. The iPad Pro’s four corner speakers are automatically configured so that the top two corners channel through the highs and mids no matter in which orientation you hold the iPad. 3D Touch? You've got to feel it to believe the intuitive difference it will make on the new iPhones. 

Not the first

Let’s talk about Apple Pencil. Apple made a stylus. And because they did, having a stylus will probably be the new portable battery pack. Yeap, they went against what Steve Jobs said. Let the mockery begin. But don’t judge until you use the Apple Pencil. It’s smooth, it glides across the surface of the iPad Pro. It was so convincing as a pencil, it almost made me flip it around to erase something as you would with a pencil.

Again, Samsung has been there before with the Note 5 and so has Microsoft with the Surface Pro, but the Apple Pencil is huge, literally. Mark my words, the Apple Pencil is going to be big and it’s going to create a tidal wave of styli trying to ride the hype wave. Again, it’s not the first, but it’s the one that’s starting conversations and setting the bar from here on out.

Live Photos aren't a new feature in the smartphone universe. HTC has done it before with Zoe on the One M7. But Apple makes it infinitely cooler and relevant by having Live Photos automatically move a smidge when users are scrolling through the gallery. As with all things Apple, simplicity is key so it stands a better chance of catching on.

Don’t hate, appreciate

Before you know it, the rest of the world will be trying to catch up again. So don’t knock Apple just because they're doing something that's been done before. You know whatever they do, senseless or not, it will trigger a reaction and an overall change in the tech universe.

And we’re all better off for it as consumers.