Musaic's multiroom audio controls your smarthome, too

Turn down the lights and hold on tight, we gonna listen to Barry White all night ahhhh yeah

Hey, why is it suddenly much dimmer in here?

Because we've got Musaic, baby, and Musaic be the food of love. You see, when a man loves a woman, and vice versa, there comes a time when he and/or she must put on something sexy - some Barry White or Teddy Prendergrass, maybe a little Prince, maybe some Serge Gainsbourg. Perhaps a little soft electronica, whatever floats your loveboat. And then that man and that woman must turn down the lights, maybe turn up the heating a little bit.


And it used to be that this was a complicated, multi-stage process, before Musaic came along, but not any more. You see, this British-designed multiroom music system works like Sonos or Pure's Jongo system, but it takes things a little further. Because it incorporates open-source AllJoyn tech, it can also link up to other Internet of Things devices, like connected dimmer switches and smart heating. You see what I'm getting at, don't you?

You mean you can have your Musaic dim the lights and turn up the heat whenever you put some sexy music on?

You're beautiful when you demonstrate an understanding of wireless interconnectivity. But that's not the only reason to get excited about this Shoreditch startup; Musaic also plays uncompressed 24-bit audio (using your home Wi-Fi network) and works with iOS and Android, laptops, tablets and so on. It works with a whole bunch of streaming services, too, including Grooveshark, Napster and Rhapsody, although Spotify is noticeably absent. There are two players, the £160 (RM875) MP5 and the £230 (RM1255) MP10, both of which will play from different sources or join in multiroom chorus.   

So why's it next to a duck?

The duck is filled with romantic-smelling potpourri. You can preorder Musaic on its Kickstarter page, but the duck is, sadly, not for sale.