Moto G4 vs the world - alternative handsets worth considering

Here are the similarly-priced handsets that could also be worthy of your love

The new Lenovo Moto G4 offers rather a lot for £170 (RM1,015) - solid specs, a decent camera, sharp screen and a rather desirable grippy plastic body. But there are other alternatives that warrant a second look before you slap down your cash.

Some will set you back a little more, some a little less. But they’re all worth considering before you make your final decision.

Here, then, is the Moto 4G, pitted against similarly-priced rivals.

OnePlus X (RM1,230)

Dropping down about RM200 extra will net you the rather lovely metal/glass-clad OnePlus X. It's arguably a small price to pay for a more premium iPhone-like build, and if you're after a phone that looks more expensive than it actually is, the X won't disappoint. It also bests its Lenovo rival in the power and camera departments (on paper at least), although it has a considerably smaller battery.

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Honor 5X (RM900)

The 5X is almost identical to the G4 on paper, matching is spec-for-spec in almost every single department. The processor difference is likely to be negligible, so even if the 5X is about RM100 less than the G4, it's still as sleek as as its Moto rival. Well, it's got a brushed metal back for starters, along with a rear fingerprint scanner - a feature found only on the G4 Plus. Fingerprint unlocking for RM100 less? Yes, please.

Oppo F1 (RM1,100)

Oppo's offering also offers a classier metal build, along with a handy dual-SIM option which supports both nano and micro SIMs. Where the F1 falters in comparison however, is its screen which, despite being the same size as the 5in G4, has a measly 720p resolution. Couple that with its smaller battery which won't last two days, and you might not be so tempted after all.

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LG G3 (RM1,390)

That's right, the G3 - a phone that's now two generations old. Its 2K screen is the sharpest in this lineup by far however, and it packs in an excellent camera, along with a 3000mAh removable battery and more powerful processor. The innovative rear-button design isn't to be sniffed at either, and is rather practical once you get used to it.

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Sony Xperia M4 Aqua (RM970)

If you're after a budget waterproof phone, then the M4 Aqua is a no-brainer. Cheaper than the Moto G4, it matches it for power, though it does have a considerably smaller battery. Xperia smartphones are known for their longevity though, and we did manage to squeeze out two days with the Aqua in our review. Sony's camera did prove to be a disappointment though - we'll have to wait for our final G4 review to see how Lenovo's offering performs.

Final thoughts

There’s no right or wrong answer here - everyone has different needs and different budgets, but if you’re playing around with £170 (RM1,015) or thereabouts, all of the above handsets are worth considering.

Hang tight for our final incoming Moto G4 review, after which we’ll be able to slap down a definitive verdict.