The most ridiculous interpretations of the Met Gala’s tech theme

We're just waiting for the memes to flood the internet

No, we haven’t gone crazy Vogue on you. This year’s Met Gala's theme is tech-related - "Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology”. (In English, that just means Man and Machine) 

In addition, Apple is sponsoring the event with Jony Ive himself co-chairing it. As we all know, fashion and tech are becoming increasingly intertwined. Just look at this pair of shade-shifting shoes and all the wearable tech that's out there.  Predictably, there’s a lot of silver and reckless intepretation of the theme. Here are these year's choice picks. 

We already can’t wait for the fresh crop of memes that’s sure to spring up from these outfits.

Image: People

Kim Kardashian

Someone should tell Kim K that silver might be a flattering colour for an iPhone, but not necessarily a human. On the flipside, we guess her reflective outfit makes it all the more convenient for Kanye West to admire himself.

Image: MTV

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry

The new couple sealed their togetherness and their tech-backwardness with their matching Tamagotchi accessories. Get with the times and accessorise with VR goggles instead. 

Image: US Weekly

Zayn Malik

The guy who left One Direction directionless took the theme quite literally, attaching robot armour to his tux. If you're going to go cyborg, let's see a little more commitment.

Image: Harper's Bazaar

Taylor Swift

Very blonde, very goth. And as someone pointed out, very reminiscent of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman