The most memorable Stevenotes of all time

Think different campaign (1997)

Wonder how Think Different came about? It all started here. Unlike the Apple today we know to be the Cool Kids Club, the Apple back hadn’t quite attained that cool cult status. On the contrary, it was quite the misfit.

To cement Steve’s return to the company, he calls up Lee Clow of the 1984 ad fame to create a campaign to set the company apart. Steve had a part to play in its creation too as he wrote some of the now famous lines himself. Initially, they wanted to get Robin Williams to read the lines, but were told that the actor doesn’t do ads. Steve was also supposed to voice the ad, but he chose to go with the Richard Dreyfuss version because he wanted it to be about Apple and not him.

iMac (1998)

Remember the playful iMac? It’s the Apple product to herald Steve’s triumphant return. The announcement was held at the Flint Auditorium of De Anza Community College in Cupertino which he had used before back in 1984. In an era when computers were mostly beige boxes, the iMac set Apple apart from the masses as a quirky and creative tool.

In the introduction video, it pays cheeky tribute to the original announcement back in 1984 when “Hello (again)” flashes across the screen. Watch to see what we mean.