The most memorable Stevenotes of all time

iPhone (2007)

Yes, it’s been 8 years since the first iPhone emerged from Steve’s pocket. This is the gamechanger of all gamechangers, the device that has kept Apple at the top of its game for so many years now was first unveiled on stage way back in 2007. It might not have been the first smartphone, but it’s the first smartphone that mattered. Little did the people in that room realise they were witnessing a milestone in tech history.

Multi-touch and giant screens all make their first appearances here.

iPad (2010)

Another year, another industry-changing device. Nobody thought they needed a tablet until the iPad appeared. Watch how Steve introduces the new device category by slagging off the Netbook.

Fun fact: You would not have expected this, but the iPad was in development even before the iPhone but the company thought it more important to introduce the iPhone first. Looks like they made the right call.