The most memorable Stevenotes of all time

Warning: you’ll tear right up at these insanely great Steve-led moments in Apple's history

It's been four years since Steve's passing in 2011. 

Before we trigger a debate on whether a post-Steve Apple is still the same company, this story isn't about that. It's a lookback at Steve Jobs' finest moments on stage, introducing products that would change the course of the tech industry forever. You might remember some of these from Apple's recent history (first iPhone and iPad), but there are a few in there we bet you've never seen that you definitely have to. 

Love or hate him, one thing's clear - the man has left his mark on the world for sure. 

Macintosh (1984)

The first announcement that Steve Jobs ever did was way back in 1984 (even though technically, the Apple I was the first Apple product ever). He unveiled the Macintosh, the very first device to put Apple on the stage. To give you an idea of how far we’ve come, its biggest competitor back in the day was IBM.

Watching the young Steve at the top of his game will send chills down your spine. Also worth watching for the Macintosh's cheekily clever introduction. 

1984 ad (1984)

Okay, it’s not quite an Apple announcement, but this is an important moment in Apple history as this ad marked the start of Apple’s marketing genius. And also the long standing relationship between Jobs and Lee Clow of ad agency Chiat/Day.

Directed by Ridley Scott, the ad was inspired by George Orwell’s dystopian novel of the same name, and told of a future dominated by IBM drones. Of course, Apple steps in to save the day and the future. Somewhat ironic since nowadays, the tables have turned and Apple fans are the ones regarded as drones by those not on Team Apple.