The most intense horror experiences around the world

Warning: these waiver-required horror houses are not for the faint of heart

You might have seen this tweet going around on the topic of haunted houses. 

Be careful of what you wish because in the case of these horror houses, you actually might. They don't rely on your traditional jump scares, these are full-on assaults on your senses. If you've always wanted to see what you're made of, these would be the best tests. 

Blackout Haunted House

Past years have required a safety word and a minimum age of 18, that’s how real the fear can get. It’s less The Exorcist and more Saw than anything, participants are put through mock torture set-ups that border on the illegal. This isn’t child’s play, this is all of your worst nightmares rolled into one terrifying ordeal.

Pennhurst Asylum

You wouldn’t be faulted if you thought you’d wandered onto the site of a Hollywood horror movie in the making. This horror experience isn’t mucking around. Featuring incredibly grotesque animatronics, it immerses you in a thoroughly gripping environment of demonic children being born and mental patients being tortured.

Of course, the fact that it takes place at the Pennhurst State School and Hospital with a real dark history doesn’t hurt either.