The most exciting flagship phones of 2016 to look forward to

Microsoft Surface Phone

Lumia is all but simmered to a silence, but that’s not the last you’re going to heard from Microsoft on the subject of smartphones.

The Surface Phone has been whispered about for a long time and its accompanying specs all add up to make it quite the force to be reckoned with (if and when they ever manifest). We’re talking a 4GB RAM, 1440 x 2560 AMOLED beast with a 21MP PureView back snapper and 8MP front snapper. It will also supposedly come with up to 128GB internal storage and wireless charging. Who’d thunk?

Expected: The Surface Phone might surface (sorry) at Build, Microsoft’s developer conference that kicks off end March. Fingers crossed.

Image: Forbes

Lenovo Project Tango phone

Announced at CES, the Project Tango phone is the first time Lenovo has collaborated with Google. Quick refresher - Project Tango will give devices the ability to 'see' around them thanks to both 3D motion tracking and depth sensing. This means all new exciting augmented reality possibilities in the realm of games and even practical applications like finding your exact seat in a movie theatre using your phone, or measuring distances for your home renovations.

Very little is known about it except for the fact that Lenovo's going to make the hardware and it will cost less than US$500. 

Will this be the breath of fresh air the stale smartphone market really needs? Will we want to download apps again? Only time will tell. 

Expected: Sometime in Q3 if everything goes as planned. We can hardly wait.