The most exciting flagship phones of 2016 to look forward to

Sony Xperia Z6

The Xperia Z series hasn’t changed much in terms of appearance, keeping its water resistance and high megapixel count as major differentiating factors. While Sony has taken to releasing a number of different variants ranging from Compact to Premium, it’s really the standalone Z(insert number) that you should care about.

Early rumours originating from Weibo have suggested that the Z6 will come in five different sizes, with pressure sensitive capabilities akin to 3D Touch.

Expected: Considering that the Xperia Z5 was only released late last year, it might be a while before we meet the Z6. Or it might just show up early at MWC. Who really knows?

OnePlus Three

2015 was a good year for OnePlus. The rather unorthodox company released the OnePlus 2 as well as the design-focused OnePlus X. What has been making its rounds about the OnePlus 3 so far are front-facing speakers and the very noticeable lack of a fingerprint reader.

Will the next OnePlus phone be the 2017 flagship phone killer? How are they going to top that VR launch? We wait with bated breath.

Expected: Given that the OnePlus 2 surfaced sometime in late July, you can expect news of the OnePlus 3 to start spreading in June/July.