The most exciting flagship phones of 2016 to look forward to

Apple iPhone 7

Ahhh, the big iPhone refresh. The last time there was one, Apple introduced a phablet so what’s it going to be this year now that more and more phones look like the iPhone? Will we see a totally new redesign?

Although we’re still quite some time away from the traditional September unveiling, rumours are starting to surface such as the lack of a headphone jack, waterproof-iness, and the removal of the physical Home button in favour of something 3D Touch? Whatever it is, expect great things.

Expected: Remember, remember, it’s always September. Unless Apple plans to surprise us this year. If you can't hang onto your money until then, there's the purported iPhone 5se that's due a whole lot sooner - in March apparently. 


The leather-backed G4 was a welcome addition to the metal and plastic-domincated world of smartphones, and the next iteration in the G series will similarly buck the typical smartphone design trends.

LG has shown that it’s not afraid to take risks with the dual-screened and front-eyed V10 so we’re naturally super psyched about what form the G5 will take. The rumours came true - an all metal build, a detachable bottom ,and a more powerful processor.

On top of that, the G5 comes with unlimited potential thanks to the Cam Plus and HiFi Plus modules

Availability: no word on when it'll be reaching Malaysian shores, so keep  your fingers crossed it'll be soon!

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