Make your iPhone 6/6 Plus even more incredible with these 5 multitasking cases

Find a connection with Beartooth in the wild

The coolest multitasking iPhone 6/6 Plus cases out there

There's nothing worse than seeing no signal bars in an extremely crowded or isolated location. At best it can be inconvenient (like at a music festival), at worst even dangerous (say if you’re on a trekking adventure).

The peer-to-peer case has a software defined radio that takes over when a cellular or Wi-Fi connection can’t be made so that you can still stay in touch with geolocation abilities, push to talk voice calls and messaging.

Comes with an extra 2000mAh of battery to keep you going. All it’s lacking are solar panels to make it absolutely fit for the wild.

Best for: Wandering festival attendees or wanderers

Get Beartooth here for US$250 (RM825)

*Yes, we're aware those aren't iPhones but rest assured the cases are available for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.