Make your iPhone 6/6 Plus even more incredible with these 5 multitasking cases

Au naturel photo taking with the Relonch Camera

The camera on the iPhone takes some of the best photos we’ve ever seen. But if you want to up the ante for the sake of emerging as Instagram’s finest, you get to upgrade the camera hardware by snapping on the Relonch Camera. It adds on a large APS-C sensor so that all that light can get right in there and turn out good looking images even in low light situations.

Plus, there’s a prime lens with a large aperture for brilliant bokeh. However, there’s no flash on this so you got to be creative with your light source at night.

Should you get carried away with the photo-taking, rest assured that the Relonch Camera has more than enough battery to go on as it also doubles up as an extra pack of juice.

Best for: Professional casual shooters

Get the Relonch Camera here for US$499 (RM1640)