The Mac at 30: Apple's 10 most memorable Macs

As the Mac turns 30, we chart its evolution from the original Macintosh through to the gorgeous and otherworldly new Mac Pro
The Mac at 30

The Apple Mac turned 30 – and over its lifespan it's regenerated more times than Doctor Who.

From beige boxes to multi-coloured iMacs to the sleek black dustbin that is the new Mac Pro, it's evolved to suit the tenor of the times – and served as the testbed for many a computing innovation. We've rounded up the ten most important, memorable and, yes, prettiest from Apple's storied history.

1. The Macintosh 128k (1984)

Apple Macintosh 128K

This diminutive computer looks quaint today, but was revolutionary at the time. The Mac humanised computing, aiming to understand people, rather than forcing them to understand arcane command lines. The Mac ushered in the age of the mouse, windows, and menus, a desktop revolution that remained entrenched in computing until Apple disrupted the industry with the iPad.

2. Macintosh LC (1990)

Apple Macintosh LC

The LC was all about introducing colour and affordability to the Mac line. It was Apple’s attempt to bring its products to the masses, and was a strong seller, cementing Apple’s place in US education, and broadening its appeal in the consumer market.